Coaching Conversations

Linda M. Gross Cheliotes; Marceta F. Reilly   ·  ISBN 9781544319704
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Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
Author(s) Linda M. Gross Cheliotes; Marceta F. Reilly
Published 04132018
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Focus the power of your collaborative school community with powerful coaching conversations! Effective coaching conversations are powerful tools to rally your school-community stakeholders to work collaboratively toward transformation, and, ultimately, share in success. The Second Edition of this best-selling handbook includes new neuroscientific research that demonstrates the potential for change in schools and expands the approach to cover teacher/student interaction. In addition to learning techniques to engage and motivate, readers will discover how to: ·       Develop relational trust within the school that heightens personal growth and supports student achievement ·       Utilize the power of committed listening, intentional conversations, and nonjudgmental feedback ·       Create positive changes in how people think and interact Being a successful school leader has become an increasingly complex role that demands not only tremendous knowledge and skills, but also highly developed interpersonal skills. Written with an easy-to-use approach, this handbook provides simple yet powerful coaching strategies to help school community members work together toward positive school transformation.
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