Climate Change Biology

Lee Hannah   ·  ISBN 9780124202184
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Publisher Elsevier S & T
Author(s) Lee Hannah
Published November 2014
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Climate Change Biology, 2e examines the evolving discipline of human-induced climate change and the resulting shifts in the distributions of species and the timing of biological events. The text focuses on understanding the impacts of human-induced climate change by drawing on multiple lines of evidence, including paleoecology, modeling, and current observation. This revised and updated second edition emphasizes impacts of human adaptation to climate change on nature and greater emphasis on natural processes and cycles and specific elements. With four new chapters, an increased emphasis on tools for critical thinking, and a new glossary and acronym appendix, Climate Change Biology, 2e is the ideal overview of this field.

  • Expanded treatment of processes and cycles
  • Additional exercises and elements to encourage independent and critical thinking
  • Increased on-line supplements including mapping activities and suggested labs and classroom activities.
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