Charles S. Stone   ·  ISBN 9781621896326
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Charles S. Stone
Published 02272013
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Can Christians be spiritual and religious? Do they even know the difference between the two? Through a guide for guardian angels entering into basic training for service to "womankind," Bound, an Earth Walker's handbook overhauls Western Christianity with integrity and clarity.

Tackling subjects such as hypocrisy, racial prejudice, and misogyny, Bound cuts traditional religion back to its healthy roots: love, rigorous honesty, and fellowship. It then draws from contemporary sources, modern science, and an intriguing third-party perspective to graft openness, inclusiveness, and diversity, yielding an authentic way to be Christian today.

Written for the layperson by a layperson, readers will appreciate Charles S. Stone's use of fantasy, humor, and novelty to capture insights that evoke that gratifying sense of "aha!" about good and evil, humanity, and salvation--ultimately seeking to answer life's most basic questions: What is God? Who are we? How should we live?
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