Bipolar Disorder, Second Edition

David J. Miklowitz   ·  ISBN 9781462534111
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Publisher Guilford Publications, Inc.
Author(s) David J. Miklowitz
Published 06062017
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Family-focused psychoeducational treatment (FFT) is among a very small number of psychosocial treatments that have been found to be effective in multiple studies to improve the course of bipolar disorder. This indispensable guide describes how to implement FFT with adult and adolescent patients and their family members. Provided are practical procedures for helping families understand the nature of bipolar disorder, strengthen their communication skills, solve day-to-day problems, and reduce the risk and severity of relapse. The book incorporates state-of-the-art knowledge on the illness and its biological and psychosocial management. More than a dozen reproducible handouts are included.
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