Armoured Warfare in the Italian Campaign, 1943–1945

Anthony Tucker-Jones   ·  ISBN 9781783468980
Armoured Warfare in the Italian Campaign, 1943–1945 | Zookal Textbooks | Zookal Textbooks
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Publisher Open Road Integrated Media, Inc.
Author(s) Anthony Tucker-Jones
Published 09192013
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This WWII pictorial history illustrates the wide array of armored vehicles deployed by Allied and Axis powers in Italy. The Second World War campaigns in North Africa, on the Eastern Front and in northwest Europe were dominated by armored warfare, but the battles in Italy were not. The Italian peninsula’s mountainous terrain was best suited to an infantry war. Yet from the Allied landings in Sicily in 1943 to the German surrender after the crossing of the Po in 1945, tanks, self-propelled guns and armored cars were essential elements in the operations of both sides. Anthony Tucker-Jones’s selection of rare wartime photographs shows armor in battle at Salerno, Anzio and Monte Cassino, during the struggle for the Gustav Line, the advance on Rome and the liberation of northern Italy. These dramatic images reveal the full array of Axis and Allied armored vehicles that was deployed, including German Panzers, Panthers, and Tigers and Allied Stuarts, Chafees, Shermans and Churchills. They also vividly illustrate the Italian landscapes over which the campaign was fought and the grueling conditions endured by the men who fought in it.
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