Another Day in Nazareth

Barry Blackstone · ISBN 9781532664977
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Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author(s) Barry Blackstone
Published 01032019
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Have you ever wondered what Jesus saw, heard, and did during his so-called "silent years" between his birth in Bethlehem, after his trip to Egypt, and before his baptism at the Jordan River? The only mentioned event in the Gospels from that time frame was being forgotten in Jerusalem by his parents at the age of twelve, as recorded by Luke. Barry Blackstone takes you on an imaginative journey, an inspiring jaunt into those days of Jesus as he remembers his own boyhood and early childhood experiences in the tiny farming village of Perham, Maine, a hamlet similar in size and nature to the Nazareth of Jesus' day. After visiting an archeological site in Nazareth in 2010, Blackstone realized the parallels between his obscure upbringing and the quiet years of the Savior in his boyhood home.
It is the wish of the author that his reader might see through a morning dew, a blossoming flower, a blue sky, a gentle rain, a brilliant rainbow, a crowing rooster, a loving sister, and a father's carpenter's shop into the life of the boy Jesus. Blackstone attempts to fill in some of the gaps in the story of Jesus by sharing his barnyard memories with an application to the teaching of the adult Jesus. Can one see insights into what Jesus experienced in the lessons, parables, and teachings of his adult ministry?
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