Analysis and Strategies for Sustainable Regional Planning

Juanjo Galan   ·  ISBN 9783319965086
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Juanjo Galan
Published 09262018
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The book presents a unique example of integral planning at different scales and across different types of landscapes found on the outskirts of metropolitan areas. It features a sustainability-based plan to improve the evolution of the south-central area of the Calderona Mountain Range, Spain (Sierra Calderona). It is informed and driven by social, cultural, perceptual, sustainability and economic factors supported by a participative process. The plan addresses the frequent conflict between the management of natural and cultural values found in peri-urban areas and the strong pressure for transformation and public use. Incorporating new methodologies and graphical systems for regional and local planning, the plan provides a practical example of balanced and multidisciplinary planning, based on principles of sustainability, systems thinking, new governance and local adaptation. This is volume one of a two-volume series. It elaborates on regional analysis and diagnosis, and on the definition of strategies for the following themes: natural environment, agriculture and livestock farming, urban environment and wellbeing, infrastructures and mobility, cultural heritage, tourism and public use, landscape, sustainability, socio-demography, economic development and governance. The book is intended for planners and researchers from various disciplines, including urban planning, forestry, agriculture, cultural and touristic management, and sustainability studies.
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