An Introduction to SAS University Edition

Ron Cody · ISBN 9781629600079
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Publisher SAS Institute Inc.
Author(s) Ron Cody
Published 02022018
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SAS® OnDemand for Academics is now the primary software choice for learners. SAS OnDemand for Academics is available for free access to SAS for individual learners as well as university educators and students. Access to SAS University Edition will end Aug. 2, 2021; users will no longer be able to download it after Apr. 30, 2021.

Get up and running with the SAS University Edition using Ron Cody’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide.

Aimed at beginners who have downloaded the free SAS University Edition and want to either use the point-and-click interactive environment of SAS Studio, or who want to write their own SAS programs, or both, An Introduction to SAS University Edition, begins by showing you how to obtain the SAS University Edition, and how you can run SAS on a PC or Macintosh computer.

The first part of the book shows you how to perform basic tasks, such as producing a report, summarizing data, producing charts and graphs, and using the SAS Studio built-in tasks. The first part also describes how you can perform basic statistical tests using the interactive point-and-click environment.

The second part of the book shows you how to write your own SAS programs, and how to use SAS procedures to perform a variety of tasks. This part of the book also explains how to read data from a variety of sources: text files, Excel workbooks, and CSV files. In order to get familiar with the SAS Studio environment, this book also shows you how to access dozens of interesting data sets that are included with the product.

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