Advances in Superprocesses and Nonlinear PDEs

Janos Englander   ·  ISBN 9781461462408
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) Janos Englander
Published 03212013
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Sergei Kuznetsov is one of the top experts on measure valued branching processes (also known as “superprocesses”) and their connection to nonlinear partial differential operators. His research interests range from stochastic processes and partial differential equations to mathematical statistics, time series analysis and statistical software; he has over 90 papers published in international research journals. His most well known contribution to probability theory is the "Kuznetsov-measure." A conference honoring his 60th birthday has been organized at Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2010, with the participation of Sergei Kuznetsov’s mentor and major co-author, Eugene Dynkin. The conference focused on topics related to superprocesses, branching diffusions and nonlinear partial differential equations. In particular, connections to the so-called “Kuznetsov-measure” were emphasized. Leading experts in the field as well as young researchers contributed to the conference. The meeting was organized by J. Englander and B. Rider (U. of Colorado).
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