Advances in Communication Systems and Electrical Engineering

He Huang   ·  ISBN 9780387749389
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Publisher Springer Nature
Author(s) He Huang
Published 02022008
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A large international conference on Communication Systems and Electrical Engineering was held in Hong Kong on March 21–23, 2007, under the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists IMECS 2007. The IMECS 2007 is organized by the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), which is a nonpro?t international association for the engineers and computer scientists. The IMECS conferences serve as good platforms for the engineering community to meet with each other and exchange ideas. The conferences also struck a balance between theoretical and application development. The conference committees have been formed with over two hundred committee members who are mainly research center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, and research scientists from over 30 countries. The conferences are truly international meetings with a high level of participation from many countries. The response that we have received from the MultiConference is excellent. There have been more than 1,100 ma- script submissions for the IMECS 2007. All submitted papers have gone through the peer review process and the overall acceptance rate is 58.46 percent.
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