Advances In 3d Integrated Circuits And Systems

Hao Yu; Chuan Seng Tan   ·  ISBN 9789814699037
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Publisher World Scientific Publishing
Author(s) Hao Yu; Chuan Seng Tan
Published 08282015
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3D integration is an emerging technology for the design of many-core microprocessors and memory integration. This book, Advances in 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems, is written to help readers understand 3D integrated circuits in three stages: device basics, system level management, and real designs.Contents presented in this book include fabrication techniques for 3D TSV and 2.5D TSI; device modeling; physical designs; thermal, power and I/O management; and 3D designs of sensors, I/Os, multi-core processors, and memory.Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, researchers and engineers may find this text useful for understanding the many challenges faced in the development and building of 3D integrated circuits and systems.
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