Advanced Gear Manufacturing and Finishing

Kapil Gupta; Neelesh Kumar Jain; Rf Laubscher   ·  ISBN 9780128045060
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Publisher Elsevier S & T
Author(s) Kapil Gupta; Neelesh Kumar Jain; Rf Laubscher
Published 07132017
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Advanced Gear Manufacturing and Finishing offers detailed coverage of advanced manufacturing technologies used in the production of gears, including new methods such as spark erosion machining, abrasive water jet machining, additive layer manufacturing, laser shaping, and sustainable manufacturing of gears.

The industry in this area is constantly producing new settings where gears must endure ever increasing stresses, strains, and temperatures. Advanced methods in manufacturing, finishing, and surface property enhancement have emerged in recent years to meet these challenges.

This unique book takes a critical look at the state-of-the-art research into these new methods, and the latest improvements to classic technologies in both gear manufacturing and finishing. This book is essential reading for researchers and engineers working in the fields of powertrain manufacturing, gear technology, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

  • Describes the machining systems, main components, and working procedures with the help of diagrams and photos.
  • Demonstrates the mechanisms and capabilities of new methods.
  • Shows improvements to a range of gear manufacturing and finishing technologies.
  • Provides a critical review of recent research in a range of fields relevant to gear manufacturing technologies.
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